Beginning my Journey on Etsy and SEO Help

It is about time I join the 21st Century and start listing my items on Etsy.  I have been putting it off for quite a while and I am not sure why.  Maybe the fear of failure, which I talk about in a previous blog post, or just the fear of the unknown.  I am always encouraging you all to step out of your comfort zones and it is time for me to do the same.

I will be setting up my Etsy shop for my designs and my wood signs.  I will have 2 separate shops.  I have been researching this magical thing they call SEO and I want to share a few tips and tricks I have found with you.

1) Titles are important.

They need to be short 2-3 word combinations.  What I would normally place as my title would actually go in the product description.  When a buyer searches something, these keywords you placed in your title will help your item be drawn to the top.  There are a few questions you need to answer to efficiently write your title.

a) What is it?

b) What is it used for?

c) Who would want it or need it?

Lets take this as an example….pretend it is already painted on a wood sign:

The title I would think to place would be: Spirit Lead me Where My Trust Is Without Borders Wood Sign….but after I answer the following questions….

a) What is it? Wood Sign, Song Lyric, Religious Quote

b) What is it used for? Home Decor, Wall Art

c) Who Would Want It? Gift For Her, New Homeowner

The new title would be: Gift for Her, Home Decor, Wall Art, Wood Sign, Song Lyric, Religious Quote, New Homeowner, Spirit Lead Me

Now if anyone searches any of those terms, your listing will be included.  On the first example of what I would title the sign, it would not be found as often.  if I go to Etsy and search “wood sign gift”, my listing would pop up.

2) Use Headers To Separate Your Description.

It is very unlikely that someone will read your 5 paragraphs about your item.  You want to be very detailed and use headers so the buyer can scroll down to the section they are looking for.  Headers for wood signs might include:


Direct the buyer to write all custom color options in note to seller.


Do you offer customization? Direct the customer to leave their custom names and options in the notes to seller section


If you have options for fonts, include them

*****Framing Options*****

Let the customer pick if it will be framed or not, if you offer this service.

*****Finishing Options*****

If you charge extra for stain, type it here.

If you charge extra for frames, type it here.

If you have extras you can send when buyer is looking for a gift and charge for them (candy or a card), type it here.


I would place something about each sign being different and unique and appreciating the natural characteristics of the wood as well as something about the item being handmade.


Type out your description of the actual sign ❤ ❤ ❤

3) Keywords…Keywords…Keywords

Use to help you find important keywords for your listings ❤ Sign up for a free account and use the search feature.  Scroll to the bottom of the results to find your keywords.

Good Luck!  As I list my items I will share with you all.  If you have additional tips and tricks, please feel free to share with the group!

Milissa Martini Designs

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