Business Journey Day 2

Day 2

Grab your journals again. I want you to take a few notes. Last time we wrote down our fears, our reasons why we want to open a business, dedicated at least a set amount of hours and decided how we would market.

Today we’re going to fine tune our business model. It’s easy, especially in these groups, to get overwhelmed with ideas. Pallet Photos, bag signs, dipped yetis, custom shirts, screen printed sweaters, decals, glitter dipped wine glasses, hand painted signs, vinyled signs, sign parties, ornaments….lets face it, the list goes on and on and on…..

It’s great that we have the ABILITY to do all these things; but, in order to do something and do it good, we need to really focus on our main passion. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell and do the other items when requested but your shop is not a industrial ran operation. You are a business owner that pours his/her heart and soul into each and every project and it should have passion behind it. Your customers will be able to tell a difference. Quality over quantity. If you pick what you will specialize in, you will be able to really hone your capabilities and make your item stand out amongst the crowd.

What item is that for you? What do you want to focus on and specialize in? Write it down.


After you figure out exactly what you will specialize in, we need to talk about branding. We want to keep very consistent branding across our business.

We are going to discuss social media platforms and advertising and we will need to set up each app differently but the customer should be able to recognize your brand regardless of where he/she finds you. What screams your business name to you?

Try to take a look around Etsy and Facebook for some successful businesses doing exactly what you want to do. Take some notes about how their page is set up. What makes you want to visit their page? How are their pictures taken? How is their logo integrated into their page design?

Take notes and eventually you’ll be pulling all your notes together to set up your very own page. (Don’t copy their page or their design.) You don’t want your business to be a replica of someone else’s. This is your business and you were born to stand out! Let’s make it happen!!!


Before Day 3 let’s try and brainstorm some various business names. I want you to check with your local state office to see if anyone has the same name as you.

You want to have an easily identifiable name. If someone has already taken the name you chose, don’t despair. Go back to the drawing board. What’s in a name?

Take a sheet of paper and write down every word that comes to mind when you think of your business. These might include wood, stain, paint, custom, distressed……etc. write down as many keywords as you can think of. Now take those words and write down the synonyms of each word.

Painted: colored, composed, designed, decorated, etc.

Wood: thicket, timberland, woodland, grove, lumber

So after writing down all your words and synonyms you want to look at everything together and try to pick something short and simple. It needs to be easy to remember and fun. Make sure it represents what you want to be know for. A few ideas:

Woodland Creations
Timber and Thicket
Redesigned Lumber
Distressed Thicket

Ok. These are not the best names. Just some examples of brainstorming and what you need to do.

Ok guys…until tomorrow. 12 more days to financial freedom and launching your dreams!!!

Milissa Martini

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