Increasing Your Perceived Value

Today I want to talk about increasing your perceived value. We always believe that people want to SAVE money. We question our prices. I see it across all the groups. The uncertainty. What do you think I should charge? Do you think this is good enough? The insecurities. They need to stop. Success is something you attract not something you pursue.

In order to be successful in your business pursuits, you need to value yourself. Stop undercutting yourself. You work hard on preparing your signs, painting your signs, designing, cutting and prepping your stencils. It’s not just a sign. You pour your heart and soul into each and every sign you make. You obsess over the little details. You second guess each and everything you do until your masterpiece comes out perfect and then you price it similar to something you would find in Ross. Something made in a factory. Something that wasn’t made with the love and care and intention that your sign was. Why would you lower yourself to that?
I’ll tell you why. You see Dollar Tree selling the “same” signs you are for $1. You found a cute typography set at Ross for $8. You start to wonder why you started this. Why would you make signs? How can you compete with that? This is where your thinking is misconstrued. Your sign is nothing like theirs. Your sign has quality stamped all over it. So price it accordingly.

Maybe people want or need to save money. There is nothing wrong with that. There is a vast marketplace full of different consumers. Some people want throw away signs and don’t mind shopping the Dollar Tree but there is an entirely different set of customers out there that want to find someone, hopefully you, to make them a quality piece of art.

People assume if something is priced higher, it must be better quality. Most of the time, if you ask, you will receive. You have to be confident. Learn to work harder on yourself and success will follow. You can work hard all your life and make a living or you can work hard on you and make a fortune. (Jim Rohn)

Which will you choose to do?

In the comments below, if you don’t mind, please share your actual fears of asking for more for you hard work. Lets write down our fears and figure out how to face them. This tied in with Day 1. If you don’t mind sharing, I would love to face some of those fears head on tomorrow so we can work together to move past them.

Thank you for following!

Milissa Martini

2 thoughts on “Increasing Your Perceived Value

  1. I guess my biggest fear is someone telling me that my work is not worth what I’m asking for it. Which would ultimately make me feel like they’re saying that I am not worth anything.
    I do really good work and I do work hard to make sure what I make is perfect.


  2. My fear is not knowing how to charge so how can I feel good about guessing at a price. Im losing money too because Im not paying myself AT ALL. Not even for the time it takes to make a product. Im not sure how to calculate the amount of vinyl/stencil material used and then charging the amount used.


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