How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

OK…we have set up our Facebook business page. We have chosen the perfect name and decided how we will proceed with our business journey.  Now we need to find followers. We need to create interest in our subject.

Your business page isn’t ONLY for the item you sell.  How can you create interest so your followers WANT to see what you’re posting for the day?

Fill it with interesting topics.  Videos, Quotes, Stories, Videos of Your Day, and Tutorials.  Anything and everything you find interesting….share a few of those things with your customers.

How can you engage your users?

  • Show Techniques- Explain how to prep wood or how to stain.  Explain how to take care of a shirt with HTV.  Explain how to wash a cup with a decal.  These are common sense things but create user engagement.
  • Take Polls- Do you have a lot of vinyl on hand? Ask your customers what their favorite color is.  Run a poll on if people prefer dry brushing or a clean finish on painted signs.  There are lots of different possibilities but a poll will help keep user engagement up.  Offer a free gift card to one random commenter to get others to participate.  When people comment on your page, their friends will see and  they may also come check your business out.  ❤
  • Run Contests- Have a popular shirt, sign or decal? Run a giveaway.  Giveaways are the cheapest source of advertisement.  They won’t cost you much to do but have the potential to bring lot’s of new faces to your page!

Do you have any tips and tricks for user engagement?

Share them in the comments below!

Until Tomorrow,

Milissa Martini


One thought on “How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

  1. I started my Facebook page to sell tshirts, I’ve only invited a few people so far. I’m offering black gray and white shirts with black or white vinyl. I was thinking about a pop of color sale say on fridays. Where I’ll offer pink shirts or a bright vinyl design. Something out of the normal to grab interest.


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