New Workout Personal Use Freebie

DietBet is a fun way to socially lose weight amongst friends and colleagues.  We started out first DietBet last month and the small group has lost over 200 pounds and we still have 10 days left!!!  This group is amazing and motivating.  We decided today to do another round next month and we would LOVE for a few more of you to join us.

pexels-photo-209968-2You bet $35 against yourself.  As long as you lose 4% of your weight, you will get your $35 investment back.  If anyone in the group doesn’t lose their weight, the pot will be split amongst the winning players.  You can check out the new game by clicking HERE


If you aren’t interested in joining but want to motivate yourself a little, grab the freebie while here.  This is for Personal Use Only.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.08.17 PM



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