Making Your Dreams a Reality and a FREEBIE

I set out to make a mini dream of mine a reality this year.  I’m a stay at home mom.  I had kids at a very young age.  I was 18 when I had my first son Tristan and 21 when I had Devin. (I didn’t forget about Mr. Mason but he didn’t come along until I was 30.)

For all of my adult life I have been a mom. I don’t want you to think in any way that I am downplaying this role.  I absolutely love being Mom. My older 2 boys are in 9th and 10th grade and Mason is heading to first grade and now all the sudden I have days filled with no one to entertain while all the boys are at school.

The Boys and I

That’s how I got into designing. I always loved doodling and drawing word art and phrases.  I thought, what better way to get my thoughts and art out to the world than to produce designs.

Then I had an even crazier idea, how about offering designs for FREE.  I know people don’t understand why I give things away, but I really love seeing others succeed.  This business we are in requires a huge startup cost and designs aren’t always in the budget.  I love to post freebies occasionally as I know that they can bring money to the crafter that doesn’t have extra money to spare.  It’s all about paying it forward.



I just want you to know anything is possible.  You are the author of your own life story.  You get to choose how this story ends.  Sometimes we will have road blocks and things that prevent us from what we want to do, but we get to decide to keep pursuing our dreams through the obstacles.  If there is a dream you want to chase, chase it.  See it through.  Follow your hopes and aspirations until they become a reality.  You can do anything you set your mind on.  Stay with it through the journey!!!

Until Next Post,
Milissa Martini ❤

Free for Commercial Use


Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.25.12 PM


I want you to know that being nice to others truly does pay off.  In March of this year, my husband was in a horrible motorcycle wreck.  He was following me home when someone pulled out right in front of him. I didn’t see his headlights behind me and turned around to see him laid out in the middle of the road. When he had his wreck, we didn’t know what the outcome would be. Thoughts were racing as my best friend of 20 years was careflighted from the middle of a back country road to a hospital almost an hour away.

I didn’t mention anything to anyone on social media until a few days later.  I wanted to make sure we knew exactly what was wrong before having anyone worry about him.  We spent a while in the hospital and then were transferred to an in-patient rehab facility.  I think we spent around 1 month total in the hospital.

In this time, people that I had helped or touched somehow reached out to me to pray for me and my family.  I heard so many touching stories of others who had been through the same thing.  My group was a pillar of support for me in this difficult time.  I don’t know how I would have been able to mentally make it through the whole ordeal without their prayers and encouragement.

If you were one of the ones praying for us.  Thank You.  God heard your prayers and God is Good.  I just hope I am able to repay you for all the support by continuing to do what I know and love.

Support.  Encourage.  Motivate.  Lift-Up. Teach. Offer Freebies ❤ ❤ ❤

11 thoughts on “Making Your Dreams a Reality and a FREEBIE

  1. Thank you Milissa. I love the saying. I have often thought that life is just a long story with many chapters.


  2. That’s quite the story, glad your husband is doing good, how scary. Thank you for all the designs you do. You have an amazing talent. I wish you and your family the best.


  3. As I have said before, you are an amazing woman! Being kind, generous, loving, supportive, informative, artist and the list could go on and on. Thank you for being you!


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