Guys I am going to my first ever crafter’s convention this weekend and I am super excited!!!  It is held in Grapevine, TX which is an hour away from my house.  I have been getting all my supplies and goodies ready and I leave tomorrow for 3 days of fun!

This is a little bit of a follow up on yesterday as I have spent so much time with my kids that I forget how to have “adult conversation.” I have such anxiety about being around a lot of strangers.  I always wonder how they will receive me and if I am saying or doing the right things.  I usually avoid events due to these fears.

This year is time for a change and that includes stepping out of my comfort zone.  This COMMERCIAL USE FREEBIE is a great reminder for all of use.

Walk by Faith.  Don’t let fear define your path.   Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 2.11.24 PM

I am going to let go of my anxieties and just be myself and hope for the best.  If you meet me there, just know I am a little crazy and unconventional but a lot of fun.  If you find yourself in the same situation, I hope you go “put yourself out there” too!

There is so much growth that happens outside our comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens and where we see change.

Taking baby steps together!

Milissa Martini



3 thoughts on “Walk by Faith…. COMMERCIAL USE FREEBIE

  1. Thank you. This is where I am right now. Blessings, favor and good success on your trip. We appreciate your transparency, generosity and continual envouragement. Never stop pressing for the mark!


  2. I was in your class at Applique Getaway and you did a great job! I really enjoyed the class and my friend and I are ready to try a sign!! Thanks and keep up the good work. Marla


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