Applique Getaway Recap

This weekend I had the opportunity to teach a sign class at Appliqué Getaway in Grapevine, TX.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.10.58 PM

I wrote about this in a previous blog post about overcoming your fears.  I was so nervous about speaking in front of so many people when I shouldn’t have been. The class went amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!    I loved meeting and talking to everyone before and after class!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ If you were able to attend, I hope you got some information from the class to help get you started.


I met the owners of FunLearn SVG , GlitterBugFairy and Alphalicious Designs and let me tell you, they have some beautiful designs and/or products! Make sure to check out their shops and show them love on Facebook!

I also took a class on Product Photography with Hoop Mama.  She had some great tips when it came to making your own mockups. A few things she recommends are natural light, vinyl backdrops and bringing in props to add interest.

She makes mockups which you can purchase here.  They are quick and easy and look amazing.  She also goes over how to make your own in this video.  Check out her mockups and her memberships for designs…she makes the cutest t-shirt designs ever.


A great place to purchase your vinyl backdrops for product photography and/or mockups is Soul & Grace.  She actually makes vinyl backdrops that have your watermark included so you don’t have to go in and digitally add your business name. #gamechanger


I also took a class with Funky Monkey Blanks & More.  (And I shopped her booth….she has an amazing selection when it comes to blanks!) A couple of tips she gave regarding client acquisition is give them something small for free.  It can be a sweet notecard, a little accessory that goes with what they ordered or these cute lip balms that I told you guys about in the group. (Clicking this link will get you $10 off your $25 order…search for lip balm.)  Order them bulk.  You can get 100 for $18 after the coupon and before shipping.  Just add your own labels and you have 100 gifts to make your customer feel extra special.  She also recommended Nashville Wraps for packaging.    They have an array of bags and other packaging to choose from.

I encourage you to check out all the vendors that were there.  It was an inspiring event full of amazing industry professionals that I am so excited to have had the honor of being a part of!!!

Until Next Time….Keep Creating and Learning ❤

Milissa Martini Designs



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