Let’s Glitter a Wooden Sign!!!

Supplies Needed

1. 12×12 Wooden Board
2. Vinyl
3. Transfer Tape
4. Stain
5. Makeup Sponge
6. Paper Plate
7. Paint
8. Glitter
9. Foam Brush
10. Mod Podge
11. Sealer
12. Foil
Make sure your board is stained or painted and completely dry.  If staining, wait a few days after applying the stain before you attempt to complete your project.
Cut out your design and use your transfer tape to pick it up and place it on your board. After you line everything up get your paper plate, paint and makeup sponge ready.
Today I am using white Crafters Acrylic by Deco Art that I bought in a huge package from Home Depot.
Squeeze a little paint out on your paper plate and barely tap your makeup sponge in the paint.  The key here is not too much paint.  You will want to dab most of the excess off and barely dab any on the sign.
I actually had too much paint on the sponge with this first pounce so I dabbed some excess off on the surrounding vinyl and then started filling in the letters.  If you use too much paint, it will bleed under your stencil and you won’t have the clean, crisp lines you’re looking for.  Less is more.  Be patient and create a masterpiece!
Think Finding Nemo….
Just Keep POUNCING….
Just Keep POUNCING…..
After everything looks nice and filled in we will go to the next step.  Line your workspace with foil so you don’t make a mess with the GLITTER!!!
 I used this Buttercream Brand of extra fine glitter!  It is by far my absolute favorite glitter.
I also used gloss Mod Podge.  I am sure you can use any kind of Mod Podge you have on hand.
Take a piece of foil and cover the part of your design you just painted so you don’t have to worry about the glitter sticking to it.  Cover your deer in Mod Podge.
Open the glitter and cover the area in glitter.  Then turn your sign on the side over the foil and knock all excess glitter off.
Take your sign OUTSIDE or somewhere safe that you don’t mind glitter falling when removing the vinyl stencil.  Glitter will get everywhere!!!  And your sign is almost complete!!!
 I used a few coats of this Mod Podge Sealer.  It will help with glitter fall out.  Now stand back and enjoy!!!  You made an awesome glitter sign!!!!


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